WIP Painting Project

YOU get to decide when this painting is done.

I will post updates on the latest version of the painting on a regular basis. Weekly is the goal. The public (you) gets to decide when it’s complete by voting with your dollars! When you think this piece is finished, buy it, and all work on the piece will cease.


Version One

WIP Painting Project Version one

Version Two

WIP Painting Project Version two

Version Three

WIP version 3

Version Four


Version Five

WIP version 5

Version Six

WIP Painting Project - who knows?

Abstract Painting

Finding a consistent visual language as an artist is a constant back-and-forth between using the familiar ways of mark-making and also growing and pushing beyond my own formulas and tendencies. My paintings are explorations and experiments in form, materials and colour.

Painting, for me, is a regenerative and meditative practice. It allows me to work out ideas in a bodily way, which then facilitates and consolidates my more cerebral work. Seeing how things change and unfold in the studio is the most inspiring part of what I do–the experiments that happen when I’m painting beat anything I could imagine before I begin. They also bring me the most joy.

My paintings have also been attempts at removing the literal from the narrative in order to create something fantastic. I want to break the brain of the viewer by sabotaging their attempts to see and create what’s familiar. I am, admittedly, not always successful.

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Shannon Pawliw makes art, but she is also a graphic designer. To see some of her design work visit mightysparrow.ca

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