Abstract Painting

Finding a consistent visual language as an artist is a constant back-and-forth between using the familiar ways of mark-making and also growing and pushing beyond my own formulas and tendencies. My paintings are explorations and experiments in form, materials and colour.

Painting, for me, is a regenerative and meditative practice. It allows me to work out ideas in a bodily way, which then facilitates and consolidates my more cerebral work. Seeing how things change and unfold in the studio is the most inspiring part of what I do–the experiments that happen when I’m painting beat anything I could imagine before I begin. They also bring me the most joy.

My paintings have also been attempts at removing the literal from the narrative in order to create something fantastic. I want to break the brain of the viewer by sabotaging their attempts to see and create what’s familiar. I am, admittedly, not always successful.

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Shannon Pawliw makes art, but she is also a graphic designer. To see some of her design work visit mightysparrow.ca

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