Memory Bungalow

We all convince ourselves that our memories are fact and not fiction. But, scientific studies have shown that memory is unreliable. Our brains frame and re-frame the event like a game of telephone in a time machine.

For example, the memory triggered by a photograph may include a specific expression or article of clothing, which in time, can replace the actual memory of the moment. The nuance of the moment is, in fact, all but lost to these factual details.

A photograph has the ability to both trigger and replace the actual memory of an event, person or moment. A painting transcends it.

The memories chosen for this series were chosen specifically because they do not have photographs associated with them. The artist has had to rely on a less specific and more personal recollection of the event.

The paintings are created to consciously and considerately re-frame the memory in the artist’s mind. Future memories of the events depicted will include this newly created version. The paintings themselves contain little or no details and (at least for the viewer) are entirely abstracted. They do however, contain a kind of symbology or lexicon of symbols that include brain matter, everyday objects, colour and emotions as recalled.

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